Coast Guard considers power aboard ASCO for Reliance and Famous class cutters

BALTIMORE, May 29, 2013. U.S. Coast Guard officials needed power electronics on board the ships for the 210-foot Reliance-class and 270-foot Famous-class cutters. They found their solution with ASCO Power Technologies, a business unit of Emerson Network Power in Florham Park, NJ

The Coast Guard Surface Forces Logistics Center in Baltimore recommends several power electronics equipment onboard ships, including power switch units, automatic bus transfer, switch box, and card assemblies. ASCO PCBs for medium endurance cutters in the Reliance and Famous classes.

Coast Guard officials said they plan to award a non-competitive, fixed-price sole-source contract to ASCO Power or an authorized representative or distributor for the power electronic equipment.

The Coast Guard is looking for the ASCO Power A94231009A3D 450 Volt 60 Hz 100 Amp Power Switch Unit; the power switching unit A94231509A3D 450 volts 60 Hz 150 amps; the power switching unit A94233009A3D 450 volts 60 Hz 300 amps; automatic bus transfer A9423509A3D 450 volts 60 Hz 50 amps; the switch box A94231003A3D 120 volts 60 Hz 100 amps; and circuit board assembly 798962-015 for ships.

The Coast Guard‘s medium endurance cutters are primarily intended for law enforcement duties, specifically enforcing U.S. exclusive economic zones 200 miles off the nation’s coast. These cutters are large enough for crew members to live on board and can go out to sea for missions lasting six to eight weeks.

There are 13 Famous Class ships and 14 Reliance Class ships. Coast Guard officials plan to phase out these two cutters over time and replace them with the offshore patrol cutter as part of the Deep Water Integrated System program.

For onboard power to the Reliance and Famous class cutters, Coast Guard officials say they believe only ASCO Power can build this equipment to specification and compatibility with existing onboard power equipment. . In addition, the Coast Guard has no rights over data from ASCO Power equipment.

Companies interested in bidding for the position should email Florence Harwood of the Coast Guard at [email protected], with data showing they can meet Coast Guard requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Harwood by phone at 410-762-6455 or by fax at 410-762-6640.

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