China Navigation signs contract for ECDIS connected to Sperry Marine

Posted on June 30, 2021 at 5:33 PM by

The maritime executive

Sperry Marine has received a fleet-wide order for its new connected ECDIS SperrySphere, with deployment to 36 vessels operated by The China Navigation Company (CNCo), part of the Swire Group. Connected ECDIS is the latest addition to Sperry Marine‘s portfolio of smart bridge solutions, connected through the unique SperrySphere platform.

Long-time customer of Sperry Marine, China Navigation has agreed to upgrade 24 of its bulk carriers and 12 of its container ships with connected ECDIS, simplifying and securing the transfer of map data from the rear of the deck to the systems. regulated navigation.

Connected ECDIS supports enhanced cyber risk management by removing the need to use USB memory devices when transferring electronic card data. It allows ships to digitally update navigation charts, data passing through Sperry Marine’s Secure Maritime Gateway (SMG).

This provides a high degree of operational flexibility and a convenient way to perform graphics updates with cybersecurity that exceeds IEC standards, without the risk of infection from the USB drive.

A key part of the cybersecurity defenses available to vessel operators, the SMG uses multiple firewalls and a “demilitarized zone” as an intermediate post between the front and rear of the deck to ensure there is no has no direct connection between the navigation systems and the ship’s main computer. network. The system enables secure transfer of map updates from any compliant data provider.

“ECDIS is one of the on-board systems most vulnerable to cyberattacks because it receives regular updates and is also essential for safe and compliant navigation,” said James Collett, Managing Director of Sperry Marine. “Using the secure maritime gateway means that China Navigation will benefit from faster, simpler and more reliable map updates with a high level of cybersecurity. “

“We wanted to reduce reliance on manual ECDIS updates and mitigate cyber risks by removing USB drives from the chart update process,” said Gerry Bonner, general manager of fleet services, The China Navigation Company. . “With cybersecurity incidents of major concern for shipping, Sperry Marine’s connected ECDIS gives us the opportunity to drive the digitization of our fleet, improve operational efficiency and increase cybersecurity. “

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