Countdown begins to HM Coastguard’s 200th anniversary

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This week’s Maritime Safety Week marks almost six months to the day until Her Majesty’s Coast Guard celebrates a milestone anniversary – and we need your help to make the occasion even more special.

On January 15, 2022, HM Coastguard will be 200 years old.

The history of the Coast Guard dates back to 1822, and with over 200 years of memories we can proudly remember, we know we have many stories to tell. And we hope you can help us tell them, sharing your photos, memories and experiences over the years.

Over the past two centuries, HM Coastguard has grown steadily, with Coast Guard Operations Centers coordinating responses to emergencies on the coast – employing around 310 Guard Rescue Teams – coasts – made up of approximately 3,000 dedicated volunteers – and 10 search and rescue helicopters.

It is now one of the UK’s four frontline emergency services, operating a 24/7 search and rescue service, 365 days a year to save lives on the coast and in sea.

Safety has always been at the heart of what the Coast Guard does and, with technology constantly evolving, HM Coastguard continues to strive to be at the forefront of innovation in order to continue to improve and save lives.

Claire Hughes, Director of Her Majesty’s Coast Guard, said: “From our volunteers to full-time staff, we are all extremely proud of the distinguished and fascinating history of the Coast Guard which has truly helped shape the work incredibly. important that HM Coastguard is performing today. We look forward to marking the Coast Guard’s 200th anniversary in 2022 and delivering on HM Coastguard’s commitment to keeping the public safe on the coast for many years to come.

Can you help us tell the story of the Coast Guard? As we approach the 200th anniversary of next year, we’re putting together as much history as possible. We would like to pick up on some of the stories, experiences and memories that many people have to tell about the Coast Guard.

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