Photo makes Coast Guard rescue helicopter look like Starship Enterprise

Chris Higgins, a team leader at Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, captured the bizarre photo of the Coast Guard helicopter as the dramatic rescue took place last Saturday night.

After the photo was shared on social media, legions of people stepped in to express how much she looks like the famous Star Trek Arts and crafts.

You have to admit that it really is.

Obviously, that’s just because it’s dark and the helicopter’s rotors are spinning really fast, but still.

Credit: Kennedy News &; Media
Credit: Paramount
Credit: Paramount

The 55-year-old rescuer joked that the technology to “teleport” people would be nice, but it’s still a bit far away.

He said: “It would be fantastic if we had a spaceship that could just teleport people from any trouble up into the mountains and transfer them to safety.

“I think the technology is still a bit far away, but it would definitely save us having to get up early in the morning to help people if we could invest in one of these spaceships.

“The comments from people saying it was the Starship Enterprise made me laugh.”

Coastguard and mountain rescue teams were mobilized around 8:30 p.m. on July 31 after a family of four split up near Blencathra in Cumbria.

Credit: Kennedy News &;  Media
Credit: Kennedy News &; Media

The family girl suffered minor knee and head injuries after a fall, but was able to communicate her location to rescuers on WhatsApp using the What3Words (W3W) tracking app.

If you don’t have this and enjoy being outdoors, you should definitely consider getting it.

Because it is quite difficult terrain, the team had to ask the Coast Guard to bring the helicopter.

The teenager was then taken to safety and is now recovering well.

Higgins explained: “With a lot of people having to vacation in the UK, the number of visitors to the Lake District National Park, and I imagine all the national parks, has skyrocketed.

“Inevitably, due to the number and some of the people who come out into the hills don’t have as much experience as they do without the knowledge, experience or equipment to take better care of them- same.

“We had two calls the same night, they come in droves and quickly by the minute.

“Calling the Coast Guard doesn’t happen very often, they are a limited resource and we think long and hard about when we choose to call them as they might be needed elsewhere.”

Credit: Kennedy News &;  Media
Credit: Kennedy News &; Media

“We try to take pictures of all of our rescues as it generates public interest and we rely on donations from the public.

“At the time, I just thought it was a fantastic shot – for the helicopter crew, getting their plane into that position takes a lot of skill.

“Obviously when you take a picture of a moving plane you can’t predict how it’s going to turn out in terms of what the spinning rotors and the flashing lights will look like.

“It was dramatic to be there and I was just hoping the photo would capture some of the drama of the scene.”

He added: “I’m all for people who go to the mountains and experience adventure, but I would ask people to check out the tips included on the Adventure Smart UK website.

“I also want people to ask themselves three basic questions: Do I have the right equipment? Do I know what the weather will be like? Am I confident that I have the knowledge and skills for my day? “

Credit: Kennedy News &;  Media
Credit: Kennedy News &; Media

A press release from the Maritime Agency and the Coast Guard said: “A little before 9:30 p.m. on Saturday [31st July], HM Coastguard dispatched the Prestwick Coast Guard helicopter – at the request of Cumbria Police – to provide air support in assisting a victim in Hall’s Fell, Blencathra.

“The Coast Guard helicopter located and extracted the victim and placed him in the care of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. No further medical assistance was required.”

If you would like to donate to the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, you can do so here.

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