GE Marine and TEI explore localization of gas turbines in Turkey


Manufacture, assembly, repair envisaged

GE Marine and Tusas Engines Inc. (TEI) said they will explore further efforts to locate the manufacture, assembly and repair of GE’s LM2500 and LM500 gas turbines in Turkey.

“GE Marine and TEI have been partners in Turkey for many years. With this MoU in place, we hope to uncover further opportunities for TEI to play a vital role in supporting the Turkish shipbuilding industry in partnership with GE Marine ”said Steve Rogers, Director of Development. commercial and sales EMEA, GE Marine. . “Our philosophy is to provide in-country support from construction to delivery to lifetime maintenance of GE gas turbines,” added Rogers.

As part of the announced agreement, GE and TEI will continue localization discussions regarding the manufacture, assembly, testing, maintenance, inspection, repair and overhaul of the family’s domestic and exported fleet. GE LM2500 and LM500 marine gas turbines from Turkey. The MOU also seeks ways to integrate the TEI into various design processes for potential naval programs.

“Since 1985, along with its partner GE, TEI has been a major player in the defense and aerospace industries by manufacturing high quality aircraft engine components, providing preeminent in-service support for military engines and commercial, and producing and maintaining its native engines not only for domestic needs but also for global OEMs and end users, ”said Mahmut Faruk Akşit, Ph.D., CEO and President of TEI. “With this signed MoU, TEI will have the opportunity to become an approved and certified OEM service provider for marine engines and the exported fleet of the LM2500 family and LM500 gas turbines. This collaboration will also enable localization efforts in the design, component manufacturing, assembly and testing of these aero-derived gas turbines and will open new doors to utilize the capabilities of other local businesses and organic deposits in the ecosystem. Akşit added.

A GE Marine LM2500 turbine. GE Marine and TUSAS Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI) have signed a memorandum of understanding whereby GE and TEI will explore additional localization efforts regarding the manufacture, assembly and repair of GE’s LM2500 and LM500 gas turbines.

The LM2500 family – the base LM2500 (25.1 MW), LM2500 + (30.2 MW) and LM2500 + G4 (35.3 MW) – are both coil motors that offer fast starting capabilities, easy on-board maintenance and outstanding performance of the global fleet of over 99% reliability and over 98% uptime.

GE has long been a trusted supplier to the Turkish naval forces. In fact, all of Turkey’s MILGEM multipurpose corvettes are powered by a GE LM2500 and two diesel engines in a combined diesel and gas turbine configuration. In addition, 24 LM2500s operate aboard the Barbaros and Gabya class frigates of the Turkish Navy, and two LM2500 engines will power the supply vessel of the DIMDEG fleet currently under construction.


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