Boat builders SAFE Boats, Divers Marine Target US

Boat builders SAFE Boats International and Diverse Marine are teaming up to build vessels for the booming US offshore wind market.

For the past three years, US-based SAFE Boats have worked with UK-based Diverse Marine to promote SAFE boat designs in European markets. in the US offshore wind market.

In support of the Biden administration’s call to build a clean energy economy, the domestic offshore wind market is booming with quick approvals, mostly in the northeast. This commitment was underscored in May with the final approval by the administration of Vineyard Wind, the first industrial-scale offshore wind project in the United States.

“Under the agreement, we will share our designs and provide marketing and production support to SAFE Boats for the construction of primarily offshore wind crew transfer vessels, but we can expand to any vessel in our portfolio.” said Ben Colman, director of Diverse Marine. “Our hope is to be able to share our experience to reduce the cost of first-rate production for CTV in the emerging US market.

Richard Schwarz, CEO of SAFE Boats, said: “SAFE Boats and Diverse Marine both have a long history of providing robust and reliable solutions to governments and commercial customers around the world. This agreement now brings the complementary experience of our two leading companies in the emerging offshore wind market in the United States. Our combined experience and shared values ​​create a unique opportunity to bring Diverse Marine’s proven CTV designs and experience to the United States. world.”

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