HM Coastguard SAR crew member honored for nearly half a century of service

Bristow Helicopters press release | 25 October 2021

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A prestigious Master Rearcrew certificate was presented to Kevin Weller, Technical Team Leader at HM Coast Guard Search and Rescue (SAR) Base, Caernarfon, to recognize his contribution to rotary aviation.

Kevin Weller, Technical Team Leader at HM Coast Guard Search and Rescue Base, Caernarfon, with his wife and grandchildren on a family day at the base. Photo by Bristow

The award was presented by the Honorable Company of Air Pilots at a gala dinner at the Guildhall in London on October 21. The award recognizes long service and consistently high standards in one or more branches of professional aviation, whether civil or military, including air transport. , flight instruction, test or operational flight.

Mr. Weller, played a key role in the transition of the HM Coast Guard SAR helicopter service to Bristow in 2015, helping to ensure the safe introduction of Sikorsky S-92 helicopters into the north of the country. Wales, and managing the transition of a large number of crews from the military.

He served in the Royal Navy from May 1973 where he qualified as a crew member on Wasp helicopters and before receiving his instructor rating. In the years following the Royal Navy, he began teaching future generations of British and foreign crews to the RAF Valley SAR training unit.

After accumulating more than 7,000 flight hours in military aviation, Mr. Weller was back on the front lines when he joined Bristow in 2014, as the company prepared to begin providing service to the air force. HM Coastguard SAR helicopters for the UK Government’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Mr. Weller said: “I am honored to receive the Recrew Captain’s Certificate. Being in the SAR service throughout my military career up to my tenure at Bristow has been extremely rewarding. From participating in countless rescues to training future generations at the SAR training unit, I am incredibly proud to be a part of the team.

Captain David Kenyon, Chief Pilot at Caernarfon, said: “Knowing Kevin for almost 20 years, I have seen first-hand how an exceptional aviator, manager and instructor and his passion to inspire. those who follow in his footsteps.

“His unwavering support for the development, training and conduct of SAR helicopter operations in the military and civilian sectors makes him a worthy recipient of the Master Rearcrew Certificate. He has performed many tough rescues, continuing to operate at the highest level of capacity for which HM Coastguard is renowned, and I am exceptionally proud to call him a colleague and friend.

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