Hanwha Corporation partners with a national company to supply navigation devices to Coast Guard vessels.


[Courtesy of Hanwha Corporation]

SEOUL – Hanwha Corporation, the producer of precision guided munitions, guided weapon navigation systems and lasers, has partnered with a national company to transform its defense technology into civilian use and provide sophisticated navigation devices to South Korean Coast Guard ships.

Military navigation devices provide information on the location, position and speed of military platforms. They consist of accelerometers, navigation computers and gyroscopes. Hanwha Corporation and Dong Kang M-Tech would supply navigation devices for the 100 and 500 ton coastguard vessels. Dong Kang M-Tech manufactures ship propulsion systems and navigation communication equipment.

Hanwha Corporation said the use of navigation devices for military use can be extended to autonomous vehicles, robots and drones. The company will provide a fiber-optic gyro navigation device capable of monitoring the location, position and speed of platforms even when GPS is not functioning properly. It is resistant to vibration and shock, making it suitable for platforms that require long-term operation.

“We will continue to increase the competitiveness of our products so that we can penetrate not only domestic but also foreign markets,” Kim Kwang-jin, commercial director of shipping at Hanwha Corporation, said in a statement.

Hanwha Corporation and Dong Kang M-Tech will work together to locate components of the ship’s autopilot system that can keep a ship on a predetermined course without human intervention. Dong Kang M-Tech’s marine autopilot receives signals from directional sensors such as gyrocompasses and uses them to automatically control the helm for navigation.

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