Weeks Marine takes delivery of a modified 78ft lugger tug

January 11, 2022

There are accommodations for a crew of eight and up to four passengers. Photo Marine Weeks

Based in Coden, Alabama Rodriguez Shipbuilding completed in January a new 78’x30’x11’6″ lugger tug for Navy WeeksHouma, La. James K. was designed by the shipyard, the owner, and MINO MARINENew Orleans.

With a draft of 10’6″ and a ½” steel bottom and side hull plate, the new three screw tug is powered by three Cummins QSK-19 MRCS diesels, producing 800 hp at 2,400 rpm. The motors are connected to Kahlenburg 4-blade props 66″x54″ thru Dual disc MGX-5222 DC marine gears with 6.10:1 reduction ratios. The power package gives the James K. a running speed of 9.5 knots.

the James K. Weeks was built to “support marine dredging and construction projects on site and do tows in all areas of the East Coast and Gulf,” said David Tuck, Weeks chief engineer and director of projects.

The vessel’s service power comes from a Cummins QSB-7 DM generator, producing 65 kW of electricity. The tugboat has a pulling power of 24 LT, controls by ZF Electronicsand one Jastram electric over hydraulic steering system.

There are accommodations for a crew of eight and up to four passengers.

The electronic box includes Furuno SC-130 Sat Compass, FA-170 AIS, Navpilot-711C autopilot, two GP-33 GPS, FCV-628 sounder, BR-500PA bridge alarm, two 1945 1 (6 kW) radars, two FR-8125 radars ( 12 kW), FMD-1945 radar repeater, LH-5000 megaphone, two NEMO Gateway Rose point, twin Hatland Pink tip, General alarm Rodriguez General Alarm, Astron N2412-24 24 VDC/12 VDC, 10 standard horizon VHF radio, two RCA RCL-95 LED spotlights, Perco 16″ spot, Xenon 16″ spot, Airmar 220 WX anemometer, and a Alpine CDE-172BT Sirius radio.