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#TurksandCaicos, May 11, 2022 – The Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association (TCREA) has announced a pioneering initiative to shape the next generation of real estate gurus for the country.

In a forum with local media, a dynamic group of industry stalwarts and trend setters shared that local high school students aged 14 to 17 will now get a first-hand look at the booming real estate field here. in Turks & Caicos through TCREA real estate mentorship. Program.

Led by TCREA Ambassador, Mr. Trevor Musgrove, the initiative aims to educate young school leavers on the benefits of being part of one of the country’s leading industries which has seen remarkable growth over the years. and has recently seen record numbers even amid a global pandemic.

The committee is impressive and includes a group of the most accomplished, internationally recognized and experienced real estate brokers and agents in the game: Blair MacPherson of REMAX; Nina Siegenthaler, Manfred Smith and Richard Sankar of Sotheby’s; Vernica Delancy and Dedra Gray of Keller Williams; and Sean O’Neill, Musgrove’s partner in the newest Turks and Caicos real estate company, The Agency.

Sharing more about her decision to launch the initiative, Musgrove said, “Mentoring is something that is really close to my heart. As a young boy growing up in North Caicos, I could never have predicted that this is where I would be. But I can tell you with certainty that I am where and who I am thanks to the people who took the time to point me in the right direction when I shared my dreams and goals with them.

“They say that to whom you give a lot, you ask a lot. I firmly believe that one of the most important things you can do is open the door to those who want to see their own dreams come true and who are willing to work hard to make it happen.

He continued, “Each of the real estate professionals who have graciously given their time for this initiative embrace the spirit of this program. Some of these people were the ones I looked up to and emulated, and we will continue to do the same for more young men and women here in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Musgrove says the program is more than an introduction to a growing and lucrative industry. This will allow young people to see the Turks and Caicos side that attracts the “moves and shakers” of the world. He hopes that after completing the program, teenagers will have a better appreciation of their country and understand why it is such an exciting and award-winning destination, and why so many people are looking to make it a second home.

The Minister of Education, the Honorable Rachel Taylor, was also present at the grand announcement proudly declaring the ministry’s support for the program.

“I was delighted to receive communication from Mr. Musgrove that this mentorship program was being developed as it aligns perfectly with one of the key pillars set out in our National Youth Policy.

“I understand that the group’s original plans were to share this opportunity with Providenciales students only, for logistical reasons. I believe this is an experience that should be extended to everything high school students in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and I quickly asked Mr. Musgrove to disseminate this information to Grand Turk, North Caicos and South Caicos with a commitment that my department will provide transportation for successful candidates from the sister island to travel to Providenciales for their in-person mentoring sessions.

“I hope all eligible students will take advantage of this exceptional opportunity which my ministry and I are proud to endorse and support.”

“I should point out that our 2017 National Skills Audit speaks to gaps in soft skills in the areas of problem solving, Critical Thinking, Analytical Skills, Communication, Team Building and Customer Service. I am thrilled that this TCREA mentorship program seeks to develop and leverage these areas as we prepare our youth to be productive citizens of this country.

“This program is indeed part of our youth policy which includes 7 pillars. Pillar 1 focuses on improving economic participation and economic empowerment of young people. This youth-led initiative will help promote the concept of workplace learning as they use the workplace as a learning space through this mentorship opportunity. This program will bridge the gap by supporting school-to-work transition initiatives for cohorts of students who may have their eye on real estate,” the Minister said.

The TCREA Mentorship Program will run from May to December this year, ending with a special retreat. Mentees will receive educational modules at the start of each month and meet with mentors at the end of the month to participate in interactive sessions putting their education into practice. These in-person sessions will take the form of office meetings, open houses and other exciting activities.

Applications for the program were sent to high schools just before the Easter holidays, with the last day for submission scheduled for Friday, April 29.and 2022. Musgrove says this first group will be limited to 10 students, as they want to ensure a personal experience for everyone involved. He is convinced that the program will be continued by future TCREA ambassadors and that it will grow from year to year.