Coastguard search for missing base jumper in Eastbourne

A SEARCH has been launched by the Coast Guard to locate a missing base jumper.

RNLI Eastbourne was called into action at around 11.15am on Saturday May 14 to help search for a base rider who had been flagged late by concerned family members.

The inshore lifeboat was launched and a search was carried out in the area near Birling Gap.

The base jumper was located by the Coast Guard.

‘He was found safe and sound and awaiting the tide so he could return safely to Birling Gap,’ an RNLI Eastbourne spokesman said.

“The lifeboat was then disarmed and returned to station.”

Earlier this year RNLI Eastbourne rescued a windsurfer after he struggled in ‘rough sea conditions’.

The man, who was not visible from the shore, was said to have been in trouble for at least 45 minutes before a search was undertaken.

He was eventually spotted through binoculars by volunteer crew member Tom Mele.

The inshore lifeboat crew was directed to the windsurfer, who had suffered an equipment failure that required him to seek help.

“The victim was cold but otherwise well and was very grateful for our help,” a spokeswoman said.

“He was a very experienced windsurfer with all the right gear and did the right thing by sticking with his board resulting in a successful recovery.”