Nelson’s Dawnbreakers Fishing Club raises funds for the Coastguard

Dawnbreakers Fishing Club member Oliver McPherson caught this huge snapper at sunrise.

Mal Drummond/Supplied

Dawnbreakers Fishing Club member Oliver McPherson caught this huge snapper at sunrise.

A fishing community in Nelson has raised a significant donation for a service that protects them on the water.

Dawnbreakers Fishing Club secretary Sue Hawkins said a team effort raised $3,130 for Coastguard Nelson – a service greatly appreciated by anyone who goes on the water regularly, as well as members of the club.

The money was raised through events like a raffle, a dinner at the Trafalgar Center and a 10-day fishing contest.

The tournament was based on measurement, which gives the angler the choice of whether or not to release their fish, Hawkins said.

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“Instead of catching the fish, bringing it in and weighing it, we measure it with a measuring board,” Hawkins said.

“You put your membership card next to it and take a picture. Then you have the option to release the fish.

Competitors caught 172 fish in the junior and senior categories, Hawkins said. The winning snapper, caught by Oliver McPherson, was 82 centimeters long.

Hawkins has been involved with the Dawnbreakers for a decade. The club was a tight-knit community that fostered lasting friendships, she said.

“You meet so many new people, you get fishing tips…it’s a family club focused on kids and fun.”

The club has a busy schedule of events, including trips to the area, Hawkins said. They had a close relationship with the Coast Guard and worked with the Department of Primary Industries to ensure they complied with applicable regulations.

Club members appreciated the Coast Guard and the work they did, Hawkins said. They will present their check to the organization this weekend at the Nelson Suburban Club.


Jason Down was fishing for snapper when a larger set of jaws appeared.