The Coast Guard celebrates its 200th anniversary | The Shetland Times Ltd

A celebration took place today (Saturday) to mark the 200th anniversary of the coastguard service.

The event took place aboard the NorthLink ferry Hrosseyoffering a maritime link on occasion.

Alex Dodge, Shetland’s senior coastal operations officer who has worked for the coastguard for the past 21 years, said: ‘Being operational for 200 years is a huge milestone.

“We are an island surrounded by water and we have relied on coastguard services from the start.

“Interestingly his first major role was stopping smuggling and recruiting for the Navy, but saving lives is the main reason for the service and over the years he has helped save thousands of lives .

“This event is about celebrating that history, reflecting on the past, including many rescues, remembering those who have lost and celebrating successes.

“Although the service has changed, especially with advances in technology, the primary role remains the same: to save lives.”

Deputy Head of SIC Bryan Peterson said: “The Coastguard has provided such an important service to a maritime community like Shetland for 200 years, so it is fitting to celebrate their work.

“Our islands owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the staff and volunteers who have worked with the Coastguard in various capacities.”