Foula Beacon, Coast Guard Anniversary, Space Progress

A NEW architectural installation designed to inspire visitors to seek solitude and reconnect with the natural world has been commissioned for Foula.

It follows a national design competition named Beacon Project.

The winner was a piece titled The Pilgrim’s Stones by architect Kevin Kelly.

The installation, commissioned by leading outdoor footwear brand Merrell to promote the restorative effects of the great outdoors, is set to be unveiled in early fall.

The design is inspired by the first visitors to Foula and its rich heritage.

Simon Sweeney, Marketing Manager at Merrell who commissioned the project, said: “The Pilgrim Stones offer the perfect antidote by providing a sanctuary where people can be immersed in nature and spend time appreciating and enjoying it. .

AN EVENT was held over the weekend to mark the 200th anniversary of the Coastguard.

A reception was held on board the Hrossey ferry as it docked in Lerwick on Saturday.

Emergency services and guests have been invited.

“BIG progress is being made in the countdown to the UK’s first vertical orbital satellite launch from Unst, according to aerospace giant Lockheed Martin.

The company is involved in the government’s Pathfinder project to perform the first vertical space launch from UK soil.

Launch partner ABL Space Systems is preparing for its first test launch from Alaska of the RS1 rocket, which will be used in Operation Shetland.

Another key part of the UK Pathfinder launch is the development of Moog’s Orbital Maneuver Vehicle, a free-flying vehicle that will be used to deploy up to six 6u CubeSats into low Earth orbit.

Nik Smith, Lockheed Martin Regional Director for UK and Europe, said: “We are proud to work with our partners to achieve these milestones.

“We are making great progress towards launching the UK’s first vertical orbital satellite.

“It’s an exciting time for the team as we see all the different pieces coming together, and we’re delighted to support the UK Space Agency in achieving its goal of creating a world-leading commercial launch market and boosting the UK space supply chain.”