Family on boat stuck on Kaikōura coast rescued – Coast Guard

The Coast Guard said the family of four whose boat got stuck on the Kaikōura coast over the weekend have saved themselves.

The boat carrying a family of four ran aground off the coast of Kaikōura on Sunday.
Photo: Environment Canterbury

The 40ft pleasure boat anchored on the north side of the peninsula to shelter from a gale from the south on Saturday evening

Coastguard Southern Region Manager Cheryl Moffat said the skipper noticed the anchor was dragging and went to reposition it.

“They decided to raise the anchor to try to reposition it. Unfortunately the smaller boat they had on the stern, the tow rope for that got caught around the propeller of the boat… They managed to put the anchor back but it still wasn’t holding and they drifted over the rocks.”

The skipper then called for help – but before a coastguard crew could leave, the family met them ashore, Moffat said.

“My crew was getting together to get out, and they managed to save themselves on their other little boat, so that was a great result.”

The family were unharmed, although both children were a little shaken by the incident, she said.

Yesterday the people of Kaikōura helped tow the boat to sheltered waters about meters from shore and it is now on the beach.

Canterbury Regional Council spokeswoman Emma Parr said the boat remained intact and 1,300 liters of diesel fuel was contained.

“The forecast for the next two days is really favorable to pull this ship out without it breaking up,” she said.

A 40ft boat ran aground off Kaikoura.

Photo: Environment Canterbury

The impact caused minimal damage to the reef.

A small amount of diesel burst can be seen with tidal movements b the fuel tanks have been sealed and it will likely evaporate, dispersing quickly, Parr said.

The safe removal of the fuel tanks was scheduled for today and an attempt to salvage the boat was due to take place at low tide around lunchtime.

Kaikōura is a popular boating and fishing spot in Canterbury.

Moffat said the coastline was drastically altered following the 2016 earthquake, when 120 kilometers of seabed was pushed up nearly six meters in places, and can be dangerous.