Maersk will implement HydroPen container firefighting solution across its fleet

Written by

Nick Blenkey

HydroPen pierces container door then injects fire-fighting spray

Container shipping giant AP Moller – Maersk has opted for the large-scale implementation of Viking Life-Saving Equipment’s HydroPen drill and spray solution to fight container fires. It has placed an order that will see the HydroPen systems delivered to its entire fleet of owned vessels.

Designed for direct firefighting in stacked containers on board commercial vessels, the HydroPen is driven solely by water pressure via a deck-mounted fire hose. When the water pressure is activated, a turbine will drive the HydroPen drilling unit until it enters the container door, after which the system will spray water into the container to extinguish the fire directly to the source.

In the event of a fire at height in the stack of containers, the HydroPen system can be deployed using a telescopic device. In addition to water, the system is compatible with foam or CO2.

“From its participation in the early stages of development to the full implementation of the HydroPen system, AP Moller – Maersk has once again shown its uncompromising commitment to go beyond industry standards, to protect both its crews and its customers’ cargo and assets,” Viking’s Anders said. Nørgaard Lauridsen, Senior Country Manager, Baltic Sea.

“Our experience has been that once a leading container line appreciates the effectiveness of HydroPen as a firefighting tool, fleet-wide adoption typically follows,” said Lasse Boesen, Viking Product Manager. “Additionally, it has been winning accolades since its launch in 2019, and today HydroPen is preferred by the best-known names in container shipping for extinguishing chimney fires.”

In addition to the merits of the system itself, the flexibility to train crew on board the vessel or online is attractive to ‘leading’ customers, with digital training offered through the Viking Safety Academy platform.

The HydroPen online training option was chosen by a jury as a mutual insurance company TT Club Safety Innovation Award Winner earlier this year.