Reprint a ‘good sign’ for Lake Mac Marine Rescue

After selling out in just three weeks, Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie (MRLM) has restocked its first 457-page coffee table book, ahead of what is expected to be a busy summer.

The book, titled Lake Macquarie and its shorelinewas dreamed up by long-time volunteer Lee Baines.

Launched in August 2021, it exceeded all of the group’s expectations, with 1,000 copies of the four-color glossy hardcover torn off by enthusiasts before the change in the calendar.

MRLM spokesman Garry Luxton said the response was overwhelming.

“We’ve answered questions since last year’s sale about a reprint,” he said.

“We printed another 1,000 copies which went on sale last Friday and by the afternoon we had already sold another 100 copies. It’s a good sign.

The book highlights the features of Lake Macquarie and its adjacent shoreline.

Its author Baines is an engineer with a background in ship design, construction and heavy engineering, who joined Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie in 2017.

Area boating enthusiasts refer to the book as “the ultimate reference guide” for its comprehensive boating information, safety tips, potential hazards, history, wind and weather.

Its pages also include a large collection of rich images intended to impress sailors, residents and visitors.

By reprinting the book, Mr. Luxton said, the group was also able to update the information.

“There are about half a dozen new photos, updated information includes data on water movement, tides, etc., and a few other adjustments related to phone number updates for some organizations mentioned in the book.”

All proceeds from the sale of the book will help fund the operations of Marine Rescue Lake Macquarie.

“This is a major fundraiser for us as a unit, the money raised will help us keep running 24/7,” Mr Luxton added.

And, the latest numbers will attest to the need for round-the-clock support.

So far this year, the volunteer relief squad have already made 367 assists, making them the busiest unit in NSW.