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Pembrokeshire STUDENTS received their GCSE results this week.

Pembrokeshire County Council said it has been an ‘incredibly difficult’ two years for all students and praised everyone for their efforts.

Following the covid-19 pandemic, public exams have returned this year, bringing many challenges for everyone involved.

Schools have worked hard to ensure students have the skills to take exams for the first time since 2019.

The schools also congratulated their students, with Haverfordwest High saying they were “very proud” of the results achieved.

A school spokesperson said, “We are very proud of the excellent results achieved at Haverfordwest High VC School and, whatever their future intentions, Principal Ms. Harries, staff and the Board of Trustees wish everyone students full success in the chosen path.

“Students, along with their teachers and families, put tremendous effort into their studies throughout their time at HHVCS and had the added challenge of seating them not on the school premises, but at the County Hall.

“We especially want to thank the HHVCS staff, their parents and the wider community for their support during this difficult time.”

Notable results from Haverfordwest High include: 12 A* ratings and 1 9 rating: Libby Banner, 11.5 A* ratings: Nivetha Athithan, Annika Harries, Dillon James, 10.5 A*, 1 A: Catrin Fletcher, 9, 5 A*, 2 A: Elinor Pritchard, 8.5 A*, 3 A: Kevin Chen.

Principal Ms. Harries added, “We welcome many students back to HHVCS 6th Form to continue their education and we look forward to seeing them at our beautiful new school site on Wednesday, September 7th.

“To any other students pursuing their education, apprenticeship or employment opportunities, we wish them all the best and hope they stay in touch as they progress down the paths they have. chosen.”

Haverfordwest High students get their results

Ysgol Harri Tudur’s headmistress, Ms Kite, and the school’s board of directors also praised their students and the staff who helped them prepare for their exams.

She said: “”The resilience and determination shown by almost all of our Grade 11 students, in response to the disruption of all learners by the coronavirus pandemic over the past two years, has rightly been reflected in GCSE and BTEC results today.

“Similarly, we are also pleased with the efforts of our Year 10 pupils in the GCSE modular exams. The pandemic has caused significant disruption to the GCSE studies of this cohort, but we have seen some outstanding personal success today, with many pupils performing well and in some cases achieving exceptionally well.

“We all send our huge congratulations and wish each of our Year 11 students the best of luck for their lasting and future success, either to continue their education in Year Six at Ysgol Harri Tudur/Henry Tudor School, Alternate Post 16 Providers or at world of employment. We hope they will continue to achieve great things.

“We would also like to thank and acknowledge the contribution and support of the parents of our Grade 11 students for their support.”

Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi VA School Principal Rachael Thomas said, “We are absolutely delighted with the outstanding achievements of all the students at Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi VA. Their tenacity, resilience and the kindness and fortitude they have shown in these difficult times are reflected in the remarkable results they have achieved.

“The results are among the best in the history of Ysgol Dewi Sant and Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi VA.

“I must pay tribute not only to the students, but also to the school staff, their parents, guardians and our entire school community, as well as the support of the Church and the Board of Trustees.

“These learners took exams for the very first time and passed! We wish them every success in their future learning journeys and/or professional careers. They will always be part of our unique YPDVA family.

Greenhill School Principal David Haynes said: ‘On behalf of staff and Governors, I would like to pay tribute to every pupil collecting their hard-earned GCSE results this morning.

“I am very proud of how they have overcome the considerable challenges presented to them over the past two years with such resilience and determination. I would also like to thank all of the parents and guardians for their outstanding support during what has been a particularly difficult and anxious time for everyone.

“I am delighted that many of our students have excelled this year and achieved the ambitious goals that were set. Some notable performances include Isabel Rice who got twelve A*s, Louis Chadd with eleven A*s and one A, Beth Evans got eleven A*s and A’s, Alex Joseph got eleven A*’s and one A’s and William Lunt got eleven A*’s and an A.

“I am delighted to have so many Year 11 students returning in September to our growing Sixth Year and I look forward to them playing an important role in school life as inspiring role models for our young students.”

Ysgol Bro Gwaun Head Girl Gwenna Maycock and Head Boy Dewi Roberts celebrate their results

Ysgol Bro Gwaun’s principal, Paul Edwards, is delighted with the school’s results.

“On behalf of the staff and governors of Ysgol Bro Gwaun, I would like to congratulate all the students receiving their results today,” he said.

“We are very proud of their hard work and dedication, and the outstanding results they have achieved, especially considering the challenges they have faced over the past two years.

He continued, “I would like to pay tribute to the determination and perseverance that our students have shown and I would also like to thank the teaching staff who have worked tirelessly to help each learner achieve their best.

Head Girl Gwenna Maycock (10A*, 1A, 1B) paid tribute to the school and staff saying: “We were very nervous heading into these exams because we hadn’t practiced a lot but the staff were brilliant in getting us ready. and give us the confidence to perform at our best. I can’t thank the school enough.

Head Boy Dewi Roberts (8A*, 2A, 2B) also thanked the school for the support he and his age group have received. “No one could imagine the challenges we faced for much of our time at school, and to realize what we have despite these difficulties is incredible and a tribute to the teachers and support staff at the school.

“Ysgol Bro Gwaun is a very close family and the support we received from the staff before the exams was amazing. Thank you everyone!”

The staff and governors send their best wishes to all of Year 11 as they take the next exciting steps in their life journeys.

Head Girl Bethan Owens celebrates with 14 A* grades, and with her is Layla McGuire who celebrates with 5A*, 6A and a B grade

Head of Milford Haven School, Ms Ceri-Ann Morris, said: “On behalf of the staff and governors of Milford Haven School, I would like to congratulate all Year 11 pupils on their GCSE results, reflecting the hard work and commitment they have shown over the last youhere years especially in these unprecedented times and also thank their parents/guardians for their support and close partnership with us over the years.

We are immensely proud of all the hard work and accomplishments of our students after such a difficult and disruptive time number of years. “Here are a number of individual hits we want to mention, in particular our top 10 artists, Bethan Owens (14A*), Rosa May Solomon (3A*s, 6A’s, 4 B’s and a C), Bethan Preddy (11A* and 1A), Riley Pilgrim (6A and 6C), Shannon Laugharne (3 A*, 7A, 2B and one C), Dylan Sanders-Swales (2A*, 7A and 4 B), Ella Trueman (3A*’s, 4A’s, 4B’s and 2C’s), Jasmine Johnson (6A’s, 6B’s and a C grade), Harvey Childs (6A*’s, 4A’s and 2B’s) and Layla McGuire.

The school is pleased to say that 100% of students left school with qualifications that will help them pursue their chosen path, whether in sixth form, college, apprenticeship or employment. “We wish you all good luck in your future endeavours. pwb lwc pawb.”

Commenting on the results of this year’s GCSE exam, Head of Ysgol Bro Preseli, Ms Rhonwen Morris said: “On behalf of the staff and governors of Ysgol Bro Preseli, I would like to congratulate all pupils in Year 11 year for their excellent GCSE results. This cohort has faced unprecedented challenges since beginning their GCSE studies and it has been a privilege to guide them through what has been a very difficult and challenging time for everyone.

“Today’s excellent GCSE results have been achieved despite extraordinary disruption and uncertainty and the students and their teachers deserve to be congratulated on an outstanding set of results which are the culmination of much hard work, determination and resilience.I would also like to thank the parents/guardians and governing body for all of their support during this unprecedented time.

“We are very proud of all the young people who have worked tirelessly throughout their time at Ysgol Y Preseli, which is now Ysgol Bro Preseli, and we look forward to welcoming a large number of students back to our sixth successful year where they will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and more within a welcoming and welcoming school community.

Ysgol Bro Preseli students get their results
More Ysgol Bro Preseli students celebrate their results

Pembrokeshire County Council Cabinet Member for Education and Welsh Language, Cllr Guy Woodham, said: ‘The past two years have been incredibly difficult for all learners taking public exams.

“The ongoing impact of the pandemic has been profound. Our students showed resilience and rose to the challenges they faced. I want to congratulate them all on their accomplishments.

“As a local authority, we are committed to helping learners achieve the best possible results.

“Students who received their results today will have acquired a range of skills that will enable them to be lifelong learners and hopefully achieve more than they thought possible.

“I wish them every success for the future.”

Speaking of the GCSE and other results announced, Debbie Scott, Senior Wales Officer for the National Education Union Cymru, said: “NEU Cymru would like to congratulate everyone who received their results today, after a troubled few years for the ‘education.

“Everyone at schools and colleges has worked hard to support the students receiving their awards today and should be commended for their hard work during such a difficult time.”